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The Industrial Liaison Office runs across the Nine (9) Academic Departments in the Institute and is run by the Industrial Liaison Officer (ILO) together with Departmental Attachment Coordinators (DAC’s) from all the Departments. 

The office has two obligations:

(A) Providing Insurance Certificates

The Industrial Liaison Office facilitates Personal Accident Insurance cover to all the students in the Institute. This is done three times in a year that is January, May and September as per the students’ intake. They are provided to both new and continuing students annually depending on the intake. The cover is valid for (1) one year.

(B) Industrial Attachment                                 

Currently Trainees go out for attachment in January to March, May to July or September to November depending on their requirements. All students taking courses in the Institute both Business and Technical courses are required to go for Attachment during the course of their training.

All courses require students to be attached in the relevant Companies, Organizations or Firms for a period of (3) months except for Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology and Diploma in Medical Laboratory where the trainees are Attached for (6) six months. The Department assists the trainees to get attachment places by providing them with Attachment Sourcing Letters. 

Once attached, the trainees inform the Institution where they are attached and arrangement are then made to visit and assess them. Upon return to the Institution from Attachment, trainees are required to submit to their DAC’s a copy of the recommendation letter, the Logbook and Industrial Attachment report.

The numbers of student proceeding for Attachment have been increasing over the years. Currently the Institution sends out an average of 1,800 students on Attachment and the numbers are growing as time progresses. 

The department also issues Industrial Attachment Certificates to all trainees who have successfully completed their attachment.


The department wishes to reach out to more organizations to provide Industrial Attachment to more students. 

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